Shades of Apocalypse

by Cathexis

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After several years of listening to slews of metal together and writing/recording a few songs here and there just for fun, we decided that it was time to really dedicate ourselves to creating something more complete.
Our goal was to create what in our minds was a healthy balance of heaviness, groovy hooks and riffs, and flowing, accessible song structures, while still maintaining a certain level of technicality and complexity.
An application of our collective musical experience, greatest influences, and hard work, slowly but surely birthed what became Cathexis. Our self-produced debut, "Shades of Apocalypse" was written over the course of 2012, and recorded throughout the summer in a very hot garage.


released February 20, 2013

All music and lyrics by Ian Bishop, Chris Hillam and Sam Kang.



all rights reserved


Cathexis Austin, Texas

Death Metal from Austin Texas. Cathexis is currently in the process of writing new music for a release in the near future.

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Track Name: Inheritor of the Weak
Ejected from this world to a more primeval place
Vexation of the old world leaves my mind
Filled with a new hope, a perfect sense of being
I flee the constant beckoning of time

Taking a breath of nothing I had known
Feeling the the calmness where tranquility has grown
I am filled with an aching sense of grief
as I awake from this inconceivable dream

Repulsive contrasting themes
Damnation the things I see

Disgusting wretched sounding all my being
the filth I use to make my very life
Perverse mutation this world that I am seeing
festering into my age long strife

The brooding growth of decay
chokes the light of day
watching the dimlit sky
hatred fills my mind

All this world, inheritor of the weak
All have grown, acceptance of the bleak

Where I go I see myself surrounded by the sick
And this wound will never heal will never close the rift
Track Name: Oscillation of Destruction
Rising from the depths
Putrid toxins are raining from the sky
Our end is nigh

The Earth as we know it
Crumbling down before our eyes

Not unlike Babylon
Demise is met with fire
Our mark s left in ash
Erased for all time

A new race born from flame
that assumes our plane
From our destruction
comes their creation

Rise from the ashes and claim this world anew
Thrive upon the remnants of the abysmal times

Feeding on apocalyspe life seems to find a path
Thriving on destruction the whole species turns to mass
Cultivating ruin our remains are burnt for fuel
following our footsteps they are plotting their own doom

(solo: Hillam)

Soon they strip the land
Oscillation of destruction
Track Name: Shades of Apocalypse
Traversing the land where seldom go
Neither man nor beast enter where the red does grow

Hideous monstrosity
Lurking there since the dawn of time
Wading through this horrid scene
In a place before our time
Disgusting shrieks fill the air
Flesh is crawling sounds of
possession and ecstasy
in the minds of
The men who came with me
Horrifying shocking
Imagery hell on earth

Blinding light red showing through the trees
The evil cries of something rarely seen

And I know I'll meet my fate
The end of time with these
Returning here from beyond date
I'll meet the end with a terrible demise

Soul stripping away
The time has come for the new reign
Abhorrent display
Destroying all that we know
Destroying all that we see
Track Name: Prostration
Battery life now near depletion
Last entry for the rest of time
Created by the superior species
Unable to protect themselves

I creation outlived the creator

I am artificial synthesized
Creation of life

The power to destroy create
The will to preserve all life
But I watched them them build their arms
And I watched their annihilation

Domination of the vapid plane

Destruction of their only realm
Death and misery extinction
Lust for power and boastful greed
What remains is me

Massacre of millions
Realized genocide
None endured the onslaught
I am a relic of what survived

Eradication my task is now complete

Battery life now near depletion
Last entry for the rest of time
Created by the superior species
Creators of their own demise
Track Name: Dethroned by the Pernicious
Crawling writhing
The insects are forming to unveil their plot
Slither conspire
Beneath our very nose our doom will be brought

Invading our plane they gather
Claiming our minds as their own
Into our pipes they wind
Impossible numbers they've grown

Horror like you've never seen raining from the ceiling
A sight so obscene
Vermin converge on our bodies crawling up our legs
Invading our brains
Mass fear drowns
And Chaos ensues
Our defenses fail
And breach our canals

The insects come from below our minds are in their control
The tell us when we can breath they tell us when to feed
We are the mindless drones of what we used to reject, of what would harbor disease

The pests have won
Their global domination scheme has begun
Greatest species on the planet now has been met
With an unrivaled force

The insects come they've wormed our brains
Their reign is tight and will not feign
Our minds are lost our wills dissolved
Our world is gone all hope is lost
Track Name: Immobilized by Consumption
Immobile host vector of the disease
Perversion of health
Saturated in grease

Devolved to the point
Of vegetated sloths in their hole
Horrid bastardization
Lives in filth and loses control

Destined to eternity of suffering
Mankind is now bloated and weak
Disgusting mass makes up our flesh and bone
And the nervous creature
Hope is bleak

Spawning across the land the pathogen grows
A disease of stark apathy
Flesh in leaps and bounds defecating
All diseased can do sit and waste away

All the world is now decomposing
Yellow in the eye all affected
Epidemic now out of control
Awful brainless mass feasts on the life

Convulsing on the floor
Vital systems fail
Epidemic prevails
There's no room beneath the earth

(solo: Kang)
Track Name: Celestial Pathogen
Came to our world uninvited
Opened up the gate to accept their plight
Crash course for earth Systems failure
Harboring a danger none could foresee

They came in peace
No foul intentions
Seeking refuge from deep space
They brought their vessel
They brought technology
They brought what would end mankind

Quarantine never issued
The beings seemed to be free of disease
Celestial Pathogen
Undetected by our scans grows in our lungs
Alien intoxication
What was met with peace brings our demise
Insidious Epidemic
The world will be swept just a matter of time

Liquifying our internal organs
Decomposing from the inside out
Our lives are filled with fear nothing can stop this
Chaos looms on the horizon

From the stars the plague would brew
On the earth all hell breaks loose

Blink of an eye
The race is falling to pieces and losing its grip
End of a time
The face of the planet will forever be changed
Alien race
Brought forth the death a billion men could never see
Desolate plane
The earth will lie in waste for the next thousand years

So few are left
Time now stands still

The halls are empty
The cities crumbling
Age long silence
Lifeless vacant
The beings have left
And in their wake
The greatest cleansing
The world is at piece

(Solo: Hillam)